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sharing is caring

May is Celiac Awareness Month. So, here’s my deal. I’m gonna try and stop being such a negative nerd and find the good in gluten free. The great, even? 

The number one way I can (hell, everybody can) feel good is to share. If a fellow celiac tells you that something is good, it is like Consumer Reports, your Mom, first pet and best friend combined as far as trustworthy advice goes. That was the main igniting passion for starting this site.

So, let’s be good to each other, my gluten free friends. Instead of lamenting, I’m gonna try and love. Find new reasons to exclaim, “Well, that was F-CKING DELICIOUS.”

For my first attempt at giving back, I was allowed to guest write a column over at Seattle Gluten Free, listing my Top 5 Gluten-Friendly restaurants in my hometown, Vancouver.

For now, and the rest of the month, I’ll be over on Twitter, forcing myself to find new ways to be grateful for the food I can eat. I’d love it if you joined me.